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Company Information

EasyByte Software Corporation Ltd
4 Newhailes Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
EH21 6SY

Email: info@easybyte.com
Web: www.easybyte.com

Safety & Security

Once an EasyByte customer enters the order process, all of the information that is transferred between you and us is encrypted using SSL encryption. Even if this data could be intercepted over the Internet it would be useless.

When you enter a secure area of our site, on your browser you will notice a picture of a small padlock - this normally appears right at the bottom of the screen. To double check this, you can right click on the page and select 'properties' or 'view frame info' from the list which will tell you whether you are secure or not. Also look out for the sign of a secure web page, which can be identified by the URL (the web site address). A standard page will begin with 'http://'. A secure web page will begin with the URL 'https://' denoting that the merchant is using a secure server for the transaction of data.

All credit card details are encrypted using EasyByte's 128bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Software. When you establish a secure connection, the downloaded web site sends a digital certificate to your web browser. When the certificate arrives, it contains a public key, which functions as a one-way encryption device. The browser then uses this key to encrypt your personal data (Credit Card Information) before sending it over the Internet. Information encrypted with the public key cannot be decrypted without the corresponding private key, which only the merchant has. Without this exclusive, private key, your personal information cannot be read.

Thawte provides our SSL certificate (www.thawte.com). Thawte is a global provider of digital certificate solutions that provide Internet users with peace of mind when sending information to web sites, sending emails, and downloading computer code over the Internet.

Thawte acts as a trusted third party on the Internet. They issue digital certificates to companies, and individuals, that are used as proof of identity online, and provide for the protection of all information sent over the World Wide Web, using the most currently available encryption technology.

Privacy Policy

EasyByte Software Corporation Limited is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and accordingly maintains the following privacy policy to protect personal information you provide online.

Basic Confidentiality Policy

It is EasyByte Software Corporation Limited policy that personal information, such as your name, postal and e-mail address or telephone number, is private and confidential. Accordingly, the personal information you provide is stored in a secure location, is accessible only by designated staff, and is used only for the purposes for which you provide the information (such as to reply to your request or to handle your complaint). For example, when you file a complaint about a business online, the personal information you provide will be used to process your complaint. If you also indicate on our site that you would like to receive information about other products and services, such as publications or membership, your personal information will be added to appropriate EasyByte Software Corporation Limited mailing lists. You can indicate your desire when you send us e-mail. If at any time you change your mind and would like to add or remove your name from any of mailing list, or correct your personal information, please email us at info@easybyte.com.

No Release of Information to Third Parties

Personal information will not be released to third parties except to further the purpose for which you provide the information, such as sending your complaint to the company for action, or if release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide or sell personal information to third parties. Computer Tracking of Identifiable Information our computer is set up to track information about the visitors to EasyByte Software Corporation Limited, our records will not distribute personal information about it's visitors. It does recognize the home server of visitors, but not e-mail addresses. For example, we can tell which Internet Service Provider our visitors use, but not the names, addresses or other information about our visitors that would allow us to identify the particular visitors to our sites. This information is used only for internal purposes by EasyByte Software Corporation Limited technical support staff. Our computer also recognizes the site where a visitor "clicked-to-check" on the EasyByte Software Corporation Limited, but we cannot identify the visitor or the visitor's address. In addition, our web sites track information about the visits to our web sites. For example, we compile statistics that show the daily number of visitors to our sites, the daily requests we receive for particular files on our web sites, and what countries those requests come from. These aggregated statistics are used internally to better provide services to the public and may also be provided to others, but again, the statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information.

Delivery of Service

EasyByte Software Corporation Limited will contact you within one working day of your request being submitted. If there is going to be a delay for any reason we will contact you.

Customers Authority

We apply for the goods/services indicated above and hereby accept the EasyByte Software Corporation Limited conditions. We have notified our accounts department accordingly.