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Cryptocx v7

Cryptocx v7 is the most powerful and easy to use Encryption component available.

Cryptocx is fully compatible with all versions of PGP. Cryptocx can use your existing PGP keys.

  • Full intrinsic PGP Support - No other programs need to be installed!
  • Create Self Decrypting Archives (SDA).
  • You can Encrypt and Decrypt files and strings with Cryptocx using the PGP compatibility of it.
  • Encrypt a file or a string and send it to someone else who can use their existing installation of PGP to decrypt them.
  • Digitally sign files that can be verified with Cryptocx or PGP.
  • Generate keys (RSA and DH/DSS) that can be used in PGP or Cryptocx.
  • 256 Bit AES encryption/decryption for strings and files.
  • Very Easy to use.
  • Perfect for use in ASP or ASP.NET pages or within Applications.
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RTF-2-HTML v8 Component (.net Assembly and COM Dll editions available) , the market leader in document conversion.

  • Use RTF-2-HTML to convert:
· RTF  to  HTML
· HTML  to  RTF
· RTF  to  XHTML (XML)
  • Rich Text Format into HTML and fully standards compliant XHTML/XML, and convert HTML to RTF
  • Has many simple to use properties and functions to allow you to tailor the output to meet your needs.
  • Only 6 lines of code are needed to use RTF-2-HTML
  • Perfect for use in ASP or ASP.NET, or within Applications
  • Full Source Code of RTF-2-HTML is available for purchase.
  • Can automatically detect and hyperlink all email addresses and URLs from the RTF.
  • RTF-2-HTML offers perfect conversion, and the conversion process can be extensively customized to suit your needs.
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EasyByte RSS Ticker System

RSS News Ticker

EasyByte Ticker System slashes the information overload!

This is two pieces of software, the Enterprise RSS Feed Server, and the RSS News Ticker


Some reasons why it is far superior to all other Notification and Alert Software.

  • Used for Enterprise Notifications and alerts.

  • Full Active Directory Integration, can be set to auto-connect to your companies Active Directory enabling ultra quick setup.

  • The Ticker can Auto-Hide, just like the windows taskbar, and only reappear when a new Notification, Alert or News story has arrived.

  • You can have the information appear in a non-intrusive manner on your screen, from scrolling to gentle fade in and out.

  • A neat little info window pops up when you move the mouse over a headline, instantly displaying the content for that article.

  • Fully network manageable (Enterprise RSS Feed Server), ideal for corporate usages, a network admin can add/remove feeds that should be displayed on the end users desktops.

  • For corporate use, we can create a version with your company logo and corporate branding.

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· Allows Project team members to keep everyone updated on key aspects of work 
· Helpdesk operators can be easily informed about common reasons for calls
· Send Notifications to some or all desktops
· Use as a suggestion area to get ideas from employees
· Eliminate the use of mass broadcast company emails, which clog up systems
· Sales teams keep each other informed
· Create a knowledge store on ‘stuff’ that frequently happens and what to do when it does
· Let Sales teams know about current promotions to push and what products are low on stock
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